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Off-road experience as an original employee benefit

Get out of everyday life and into adventure! Book our company special for your employees.
Ineos Grenadier at the 4WD Test Track

Looking for a unique benefit for your employees? Then our off-road special is the perfect choice. In today’s business world, where companies compete for employees, benefits that go above and beyond the norm are essential.

An off-road experience at the Red Bull Ring will definitely increase the motivation and productivity in your team. Off-road buggy, INEOS Grenadier or Land Rover Defender: No matter which vehicle you choose, your employees can expect an adventure far away from the asphalt road.

Twisted slopes, diagonal runs and water holes – what sounds scary will put a big grin on the participants’ faces. If you want to give your employees this unique off-road experience with a 20% discount, contact our team.

Note: This concession only applies to private individual reservations.


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