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F1 Morning News: Key information for Sunday

We’ll keep you updated on the last day of the Austrian GP.

Even if you’re not an early riser, you need to make an exception for the Red Bull Ring weekend. The earlier you arrive, the greater your chance of being in the front row at the “Styrian Green Carpet” and taking a selfie with your favourite driver.

„Styrian Green Carpet“
Time: 08:30 – 10:30
Location: In front of the Welcome Center / Red Bull Wing

Styrian Green Carpet 2024: More information

Explosive finale

Starting at 11:15 on Sunday morning, fans will be treated to a succession of spectacular entertainments. The ARAS freestyle motorbike stunt show will be followed by the Legends Parade and Drivers Parade and finally a spectacular air display by the Flying Bulls. As in previous years, the team in their unmistakable aircraft will perform breathtaking aerobatics in the skies above the circuit.

This year’s performance of the Austrian national anthem is definitely going to be a goosebump moment. Get ready for a rousing rendition in front of the drivers’ grid, featuring Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and world-famous drummer Martin Grubinger. Together they will perform their reinterpreted version of Land der Berge, accompanied by 50 selected fans and the MyGroove All-Star Band (Monika Ballwein, Thomas Lang, Julia Hofer et al).

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Bend it like ...

Many people can kick a football about and perform one or two tricks. But what French freestyler Arnaud ‘Séan’ Garnier can do with the ball goes way beyond that. See for yourself during the Freestyle Soccer Show in the F1 Fan Zone and on the race track. Garnier made it from a demo on the streets of Paris onto stages around the world within two years. In 2008, he was crowned world champion at the first Red Bull Street Style World Finals in São Paulo.

To the F1 programme

The Steiermark Village will be going wild one last time today. Music acts such as Steira 7, Dirndl Rocker, DJ Remidemi and Die Alpensteier will make sure of that. Steiermark Village and the F1 Fan Zone are open until 20:00. Some quality time in the Fan Zones will also save you from being stuck in traffic after the race. Although we endeavour to make your departure as smooth as possible with our structured traffic planning, delays are to be expected at an event of this size.

Your questions about a relaxed departure are answered here

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