Land Rover Defender am Gelaende


Real classics are rare. When a car like the iconic Land Rover Defender has been built for 68 years, it is definitely one of them. This car is an adventurer through and through. A real warhorse. What better place could there be for the Defender than the 550 hectare Off-road Car Track with its variety of trails, uphill sections and a great panoramic scenery as a reward? That‘s exactly what off-road adventures are all about.

Four wheel & reduction
Thanks to all-wheel drive and off-road reduction, the Landrover Defender masters every challenge.
100% traction
The pickup’s pneumatic front and rear axle locks provide 100% traction.
With a curb weight of more than two tons and archaic aerodynamics, the Defender’s focus is not on driving performance but on ruggedness.
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The Land Rover Defender is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 2042 kg
Capacity: 2.200 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 122