Offroad Buggy fahren


Known in the business as a side-by-side, these small two-seater buggies are also used as entry-level machines in the Dakar Rally. Low weight, plenty of performance and outstanding off-road mobility thanks to their four-wheel drive and heavily profiled balloon tyres – our machines are ideal for both fine-tuning skills on the technically demanding 4WD Test Track and extensive off-road expeditions on the Off-road Car Track.

Balloon tires
The 25 inch Balloon tires have excellent cushioning properties – bumps, forest trails and difficult terrain are easily mastered.
The all-wheel drive system transfers power to the individual wheels as needed. The result is first-class vehicle control and unrivaled agility.
The engine convinces with superior performance and powerful torque and accelerates the offroad buggy agilely from curve to curve.
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The KTM X-Bow is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 450 kg
Capacity: 567 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 50