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Anything is possible at the Red Bull Ring! Decide for yourself whether you would like to take to the race track behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman S or an official KTM Moto2 bike or show off your skills offroad. The Red Bull Ring is also the go-to address for all those who strive for perfection and want legends of motorsport let them in on the secrets of racing.

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Our portfolio is as impressive as the race track itself.
Driving Experiences
Looking for your next adrenaline rush? Then you’ve come to the right place!
KTM selber fahren Rennstrecke
Red Bull Ring Tour
Take a look behind the curtains of one of the world’s most modern race tracks.
Fuehrung Fahrzeugausstellung
Winter at the Ring
At the Red Bull Ring, fun can also be had in the winter.
Porsche fahrt auf Schnee
From the circuit itself to the offroad area and the Kart Track. Here, you’ll find everything you are looking for.
On two or four wheels. We offer everything to make a true petrolhead rejoice.
Porsche und KTM X-Bow Fahren am Red Bull Ring

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Activities at the Red Bull Ring

Experiences for one

Up for an adventure but your partner, friends and family don’t have time? Or have you been saying to yourself for a long time, one day, I’d like to…

  • hire a Porsche and take it for a drive
  • drive a Formula 1 car
  • look around the Red Bull Ring
  • hire my dream car and drive it on a track

Do you know what? Now is the time to make it happen! The Red Bull Ring has everything you need to fulfil your desire for freedom and adventure. Whether it’s driving a KTM X-Bow, a Porsche or taking things off-road – in Spielberg, you can book the most unique of experiences.

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So what are you waiting for – head to Spielberg, jump in a car of your choice and step on the accelerator. There are numerous tracks available for the drive of your life. And even if your dream is based on two wheels, you’ll find just as much fulfilment at the Red Bull Ring. The circuit’s own fleet boasts a broad selection of motorbikes, Enduro bikes and trial bikes.

Experiences for two

The portfolio of driving experiences is as diverse as the track itself. If you want to share your special experience with someone, there are several options available. Some driving experiences, such as the Adrenaline Day, offer the possibility to purchase the experience for a companion to join you. Learn more about the Adrenaline Day at the Red Bull Ring.

Depending on the location you book, it is possible for you to have a co-driver during some experiences as long as they are over 14 years old. If your companion only wants to watch, they can do so from the covered terrace at Bull’s Lane. The slightly different sports bar is also the ideal spot to meet with friends and refuel.

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Experiences for the whole family

It’s fairly straightforward to book an experience on the Kart Track in Spielberg. Located behind the Niki Lauda turn, this is where you can drive karts with friends, colleagues or family. The four-stroke karts are well maintained and enormous fun.

In the basement of the Welcome Center, there is also a Carrera track at your disposal. Here, you can put your companion to the test free of charge. It’s great fun and easy on the wallet.

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