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Red Bull Ring Classics: F1 legend to star at vehicle exhibition

The Lotus 88 is just one of many fabled four-wheelers booked to appear at the vehicle exhibition at the Red Bull Ring Classics.
F1 Lotus 88 SJP on track

Fans of Formula 1 racing and historic vehicles are in for a real treat – and not just on the race track. In addition to legendary movie cars from the Hollywood dream factory, the complete ChromeCars collection of Lotus racers will also go on display.

Among them is one of the most mysterious racing cars in F1 history. We are talking about the Lotus 88 – a creative masterpiece by Colin Chapman.

Technical data:

  • Motor: Ford-Cosworth (8 cylinders)
  • Engine capacity: 2,993 cc
  • Engine output: 490 horsepower
  • Gearbox: manual
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The revised F1 regulations for 1981 banned all moving aerodynamic aids, effectively putting an end to wing cars. But Chapman found a grey area and placed a second one on the actual chassis of the Lotus 88. Connected to the chassis with mini springs, this lowered itself as a result of the increasing airflow at higher speeds.

The side skirts were thus able to regulate the airflow as before, which gave the vehicle plenty of traction. The Lotus 88 was sent out on the race track three times, and each time it was banned by the stewards after just a few laps. Lotus were forced to contest the season with the modified 81B car from the previous year.

Lotus built only three 88s in all. Chassis number 1 is owned by Classic Team Lotus, while the other two belong to the Black & Gold Collection owned by ChromeCars. The Red Bull Ring Classics is your chance to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of bygone eras and marvel at the technology of the time.

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