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The track is hot: Driving Center

Driving Center track Red Bull Ring

Discover the world of the Driving Center

Practice has never been so much fun. At the Driving Center, you don’t just tootle around aimlessly but brake, steer and drift for all you’re worth. Here you learn how to react correctly in dangerous situations. The track features a skid pan, downhill section, circular track and a waterable tarmac surface.

To simulate more complex driving situations, the individual sections can be combined to form a circuit. You will always have one of our professional instructors on hand to relay tips and tricks via radio. And be assured that the fun element is never in short supply.

Driving Center: Fact check

  • Track is located in the infield of the F1/MotoGP track
  • Individual sections (skid pan, downhill section etc) can be combined to create a circuit
  • Size: 46,000m2
Contact & Opening hours Driving Center

You can zoom around the Driving Center in the following vehicles / on the following bikes:

  • KTM X-Bow
  • Porsche 718 Cayman S
  • Ohvale MiniGP
  • Own vehicle / own motorcycle or minibike
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Top event in January

Free drifting in your own vehicle at the Driving Center

This driving experience teaches you the necessary techniques to ensure that you always arrive safely at your destination. It is also immense fun! At the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring you will find all manner of corners and hairpin bends, fast straights and flowing sections. Steer in, counter-steer, drift to your heart’s content, perhaps even oversteer and go into a spin, knowing that you will come out of it safely. All of this and more awaits you on the Experience.

Conditions of participation: You need a driver’s licence and your vehicle must be in perfect technical condition.

Book your spot: Free Drifting with own car in the Driving Center

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