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Teambuilding at Red Bull Ring

If bog-standard team building exercises have no attraction for you, then come to Spielberg.

Nowadays, it takes more than traditional team building to boost team dynamics and foster employee loyalty. Innovative ideas and unforgettable experiences are vital ingredients. Here at the Red Bull Ring, we can offer three incentives that will set your team building programme apart from the rest.

I. Off-road adventures

Leave that dull office routine behind and embark on an adventure. One of our off-road experiences gives you and your team the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Mur Valley, to relieve symptoms of stress and to recharge your batteries. Everyone can live out their idea of adventure on our various off-road tracks.

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II. Kart Challenge

Forget all those boring get-to-know-each-other games and kick your team building session off with a kart race. The Red Bull Ring has everything you need: a cool track layout and perfectly maintained four-stroke karts.

The Kart Challenge is not only great fun, but also brings out a competitive spirit. Our in-house fleet has even more different vehicles in which you and your team can floor the accelerator pedal.

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III. Pit Stop Game

In Formula 1, it takes the pit crews around two seconds to change all four tyres on a racing car. In our Pit Stop Game, you will find out how long it takes your people. Precision, coordination and quick thinking are required.

At the same time, your team will learn to work together effectively towards a common goal. Alternatively, you can choose from other incentives that don’t involve mechanical skills. How about a Red Bull Ring Tour, for example?

Incentives without an engine for your team

Nothing brings people together more than shared experiences. Team building at Spielberg means that you arrive as a random group and leave as a team. Our varied range of incentives (with and without a motor theme) offer a unique potpourri of possibilities guaranteed to have an emotional impact.

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