historic cars on the race track at the Red Bull Ring


Strict waste management and the sustainable recycling of reusable materials is a matter of course at the Red Bull Ring. We strive to avoid generating waste both in the departments and administration, and at the motorsport events that take place on the site.

There are numerous waste containers for paper, plastic and glass available to visitors across the Red Bull Ring site. The green spaces and roadsides are also regularly cleared of litter. The efficient handling of resources and minimising waste are essential processes.

In collaboration with waste disposal companies, accurate monitoring is carried out and areas for optimisation are developed every quarter. New recycling options and measures to reduce waste are also evaluated and tested at regular intervals.

Transition to e-tickets

The transition to e-tickets is another step in the right direction. For major events like the Formula 1 or MotoGP, there are no longer printed tickets instead, only tickets that can be printed at home are provided. Communication via email not only eliminates the need to produce the plastic and paper tickets, it also means there is no need to send the printed letter by post. The e-tickets therefore represent a significant contribution to climate protection and efficient handling of resources.

Environmental measures