cooperation with educational establishments in Spielberg


At the Red Bull Ring, we strive to make an active contribution to the training of experts. On the one hand through practice-based projects with universities, and on the other by giving students from vocational colleges the opportunity to complete their work placement at Spielberg. Partnerships between businesses like the Red Bull Ring and educational institutions are incredibly important, as they help to ensure that scientific knowledge is used in practical applications.

A successful example of this is the sustainability project completed by students on the Management & Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s course at FH Wien. During the winter semester of 2022/23, they had to prepare fictional assignments for real companies, focusing on pinpointing opportunities for businesses to become more independent of external energy suppliers.

Students used the Red Bull Ring as a pilot project and completed a physical model of a sustainable race track. The Red Bull Ring took over patronage of this sustainability project, which was even exhibited at a Collateral Event at the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice in 2023.

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