fish from the fishing in Auseerland


Know where things come from! At the Red Bull Ring, we place great value on regionality and local production. 85% of our main suppliers are based in Austria. Over half of them come from Styria. Thanks to short transport routes, regional supply chains play a significant role in reducing the impact on the environment.

But that is only one reason why the Red Bull Ring prioritises the use of products from the region. Another aspect of it is boosting the local economy, which in turn creates jobs and supports the community.

A selection of our suppliers:

  • The game meat (roe deer, red deer, chamois) comes from our own hunting activities in the Authal forest. The animals live between the woods, fields and pastures and eat the best that nature has to offer.
  • Ausseerland fishery: tradition and sustainability are the primary concerns here, where only native species of fish – from char to trout and whitefish – are bred. Every fish farmed descends from a fish caught in the wild of the Ausseerland region.
  • Landwirtschaft (farmer) Seetalblick is committed to the “from nose to tail” principle. The lambs graze in an Alpine pasture at an altitude of 1,270 m with a view towards Zirbitz and are slaughtered in a stress-free way at the grassland farm.

Environmental measures