Photovoltaic system at Spielberg


With the installation of a photovoltaic system, the Red Bull Ring is taking the next concrete step towards sustainable business. The photovoltaic system spans several buildings and generates around 2.400.000 kWh of electricity. That corresponds to the majority of the annual electricity requirements of the Red Bull Ring. The first sections have been in operation since June 2023. Since then, approximately 20.000 kWh has been generated and 9.15 tonnes of carbon dioxide has been saved.

By carrying out this project, the Red Bull Ring is targeting a saving of 1,400 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. In doing so, the management team in Spielberg is sending another important signal for the environmentally friendly handling of resources. The Red Bull Ring is making a further move in the direction of becoming an environmentally sustainable business by building its own virtual power station. The aim is for the energy produced by the photovoltaic system to be made available to in-house users for free.

Environmental measures