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What’s hot at the Red Bull Ring

Every month we present you the hottest Driving & Riding Experiences at Spielberg.
Kid overcomes obstacles on Trial Bike

A bit of courage rewarded with a lot of fun

Calling all young racers! In September, you have the opportunity to get a real taste of two-wheel racing. You can expect 100% fun and 0% pressure. Our instructors will share their special tips and tricks on how to master the obstacles on the beginner’s circuit. The OSET Kids Trial Experience focuses on the joy of riding and allows you to develop at your own pace. If you’re already able to keep a bike upright, then this experience will take your skills on two wheels to the next level.

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Feels like a motorbike but has the power of a rocket

The KTM X-Bow is the result of an Austrian motorbike manufacturer’s ambition to create an intense riding experience on four wheels for purists. The name is intended to conjure up the idea of a motorised crossbow. KTM has dispensed with technical frills such as ABS, ESP or airbags on the X‑Bow. Doors, windows and roof? No need for them! For you as the driver, this means that you are fully aware of your surroundings and everything seems to zoom past even faster than normal. During the KTM X-Bow training session at the Driving Center, you’ll not only learn how to handle the 330 hp ‘ground rocket’, but also how to drift. It takes a few runs until you’ve perfected the technique. After that, we’re confident that you’ll have a great time.

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Deceleration of a different kind

4×4 Action Weekend – the name says it all. Look forward to an adventure-packed weekend off the beaten track. On 16th September, you’ll head off in your 4×4 to the Offroad Car Track, a unique off-road area in the Steiermark region of Austria. You start at 800 metres above sea level and, guided by our instructors, climb to 1,600 metres through unmarked terrain. In this fantastic natural setting, the preoccupations of everyday life are quickly forgotten. Instead of to-do lists and deadlines, your mind is focused on revs, gear changes and turn-in points.

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