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Instinctive feeling instead of a rush of speed

Instead of horsepower and adrenaline kicks, the focus is on balance and coordination. It’s a special experience in which you can prove your instinct for the throttle, clutch and brakes away from the asphalt roads. Whether you are a beginner or expert – trial is an ideal way for every motorcyclist to improve their own skills. If you can get your bike under control off-road, after all, nothing will rattle you on solid ground. 

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Anyone who wants to feel like a racer themselves can choose from a variety of unique driving experiences throughout the year. Our in-house fleet, equipped with F4 cars, Moto2 bikes and NASCAR, will thrill every motorsport enthusiast. People with special needs have the opportunity to drive a Porsche with hand control.


Trial riding in Austria

There is nowhere better to do that than at the Red Bull Ring. In the western area, next to the race track, there is a special kind of Off-road bike track.  It’s a huge fun zone with everything from simple routes up to artificially created obstacles – and both kids plus trial beginners are in the perfect place here. Right next to the beginner's course is a section of forest with natural root passages, stone steps and wooden sections to provide more of a challenge for those who need it.

Trial trains balance, physical awareness and gives you the perfect feeling for riding on two wheels.  Whether you have ambitions in competitive biking or just enjoy riding on the road, whether your cup of tea is more the asphalt or open terrain, you will always benefit from gaining solid trial knowledge.

Trial riding 365 days a year

At the Red Bull Ring you can trial ride all year round.  As soon as the weather conditions no longer permit off-road driving, we move our trial offering to the pits of the Red Bull Ring. Where the Formula 1 cars and MotoGP bikes usually have their home, an indoor area for trial lovers is created in winter.

The indoor trial course comprises almost 20 sections and offers the right challenge for every level of riding – from narrow alleys to balance beams to solid concrete blocks and some tyre sections.  The Red Bull Ring also caters for the next generation of trial riders.  For children between the ages of six and twelve, there is a specially cordoned-off, designated area.

Trial riding in Austria is possible all year round at the Red Bull Ring – indoors and outdoors, for adults and kids.