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The track is hot: “Area 24”

aerial view of Area 24

Where in Austria can you ride enduro to your heart’s content? The answer – though not immediately obvious – is at the Red Bull Ring! Our “Area 24” is a true paradise for off-road motorcyclists.

Simply turn up, get changed into your riding gear, climb onto a machine from the KTM Enduro Bike Selection (or indeed your own bike) and off you go! You can expect steep ascents, banked turns, protruding tree roots and rough terrain. The ten sectors with names like tree salad, Tom’s diner and pit stop offer everything that makes enduro so special.

At the same time, the area with different levels of difficulty is suitable for every level – from professionals to beginners.

“Area 24” fact check:

  • “Area 24” forms part of the Offroad Bike Track
  • The area has been configured to the highest standard
  • The track will host the Austrian Enduro Championships on 5th May 2024
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These are the bikes you can ride on Area 24:

  • KTM Enduro Bike Selection
  • Your own enduro bike
  • KTM SX-E 5 for kids
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Riding enduro at the "Area 24"

Riding enduro at the "Area 24"

Two people driving Enduro Bikes

Top event in May: Enduro Free Riding

To boldly go over hill and dale: “Area 24” has been designed to ensure that everyone – from beginner to hardcore enthusiast – can get full enjoyment out of the experience. Riders need to stay focused, as they will encounter numerous obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty along the way.

Bikes slide around a lot more on off-road courses and frequently slew through a full ninety degrees. Yes, you may sometimes lose control – but let’s be honest, that’s what makes the sport so appealing.

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