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It’s race week! Test your DTM knowledge in our ultimate fan quiz

Whether you are a pro DTM fan or not – our quiz shows how well you know your way around the racing series.

1. When did DTM race at the Red Bull Ring for the first time?
a) 2011
b) 2019
c) 1995


2. Which ban was reintroduced to DTM’s rules in 2022?
a) Ban on tyre warmers
b) Ban on team orders
c) Ban on test drives


3. In the DTM, the race starts …
a) … standing
b) … behind the safety car
c) … with a flying start in rows of two


4. What does a pit stop in DTM look like?
a) Four mechanics on each side of the vehicle change the front and rear tyres of the vehicle at the same time.
b) A maximum of two mechanics on each side of the vehicle first change the front wheels before changing the rear wheels.
c) A maximum of two mechanics on each side of the vehicle first change the wheels on the rear axle before changing the front wheels.


5. How many points does a driver get for the fastest lap of the race?
a) Zero points
b) One point
c) Two points


6. Who won the two DTM rounds at the Red Bull Ring in 2021?
a) Liam Lawson
b) Maximilian Götz
c) Lucas Auer

Did you get all the answers correct? If so, then you are all set for the weekend. If not, then you still have every reason to come to the Red Bull Ring from 23 to 25 September to experience the thrills and fascination of the DTM up close. Tickets are available online here and at the ticket points (Friday to Sunday from 08:00 CET).

Answers: 1a); 2b); 3c); 4c); 5b); 6a)

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