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Premiere for new MotoGP chicane at Red Bull Ring

The wait is finally over. The CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2022 will see the new track layout option used for the first time.
Schikane Red Bull Ring

In March 2022 the new chicane was presented to the public, and now it is time for its eagerly awaited premiere. At the CryptoDATA Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2022 from 19 to 21 August, the MotoGP stars are to race through the two 90-degree turns that form a fast double corner for the first time.

The layout option, which emerged as the best idea from 15 proposals, significantly reduces the top speed of the race bikes in the area of the second corner. “MotoGP required a reduced speed profile in this particular area of the track. This was achieved by adding the compact variant with a right-left combination that does not affect the existing route,” explained Hermann Tilke. The renowned race track designer assumed responsibility for the planning of the new Münzer Chicane.

All fans will be pleased to find out that the new route slows down the pace on the long straight and creates new overtaking opportunities. The best views of the new MotoGP chicane are from the Official Valentino Rossi Fan Club grandstand. Anyone who does not want to miss the big show can buy tickets here.

MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring - Everything you need to know

The race track in detail:

Race track name: Red Bull Ring
Length of the route: 4.348 kilometres
Number of curves: 10
Altitude: 677 metres
Altitude difference: 65 metres
Maximum upwards gradient: 12 %
Maximum downwards gradient: 9.3%
Width of the track: 12–13 metres
Number of laps: 28
Total distance: 121.74 kilometres
Lap record: 1:22.643 minutes Jorge Martin (2021)
First Grand Prix: 1970

Despite the addition of the new Münzer chicane, the usual track design has been retained with the Red Bull Ring continuing to consist of ten corners. Only the length of the track has changed due to the chicane – the new layout variant is 30 metres longer.

MotoGP-Schikane Red Bull Ring 2022 - Timelapse

MotoGP-Schikane Red Bull Ring 2022 - Timelapse

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