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Female emancipation at the Red Bull Ring

Women and high-powered vehicles? Why not? It’s a combination that makes a great gift for Mother’s Day or really a cool girls’ day out.
female participant in KTM X-Bow

Lady Leadfoot

She drives through life with her foot firmly jammed on the accelerator, enjoys fast starts and only feels at home in the fast lane. For Lady Leadfoot, there can be only one Driving Experience, namely the Formula 4 Experience Red Bull Ring South Track.

As soon as the engine of the 200-horsepower single-seater racing car roars into life, her heart will beat faster and the adrenalin will begin to course through her whole body. The warm-up is for getting used to the F4 racing car and the race track.

Braking points, acceleration sections and choice of racing line – thanks to the instructors’ tips and tricks, Lady Leadfoot quickly gets into a rhythm, and after a few laps, she feels like she’s in her own little world.

Do you identify with the Lady Leadfoot image? Then discover our F4 Experience.

The Connoisseuse

In matters pertaining to Porsche, there’s no fooling her. She can even recite the model names of all rear-engined Porsches in her sleep. Accordingly, the only Driving Experience that comes into question for the Connoisseuse is the one in the 350 hp Porsche 718 Cayman S at the Driving Center.

Thanks to its rear-mid-engine layout, the sports car is super agile and therefore the perfect training tool for stepping on the gas. The Porsche 718 Cayman S corners with ease and follows the precise line dictated by its driver.

Do you belong to the ‘Connoisseuse’ category? Then enjoy our Driving Experience in the Porsche 718 Cayman S!

The Extravagant Type

Although she loves to make a grand entrance, she prefers to let others take the wheel. That’s why the only option for her is a Race Taxi ride. The instructor at the wheel, madame in the passenger seat – and off we go.

With wheels spinning, it’s out of the pit lane and onto the race track. After all, the 330 horsepower of the KTM X-Bow resent being constrained. The differences in elevation (12% uphill, 9% downhill) and the many blind corners of the Red Bull Ring increase the fun factor many times over.

Are you the ‘Extravagant Type’? Then book yourself a KTM X-Bow Race Taxi ride.

The Motorbike Queen

She enjoys getting her ‘knee down’, which makes the Ohvale MiniGP Experience ideal for her. The engine power of the mini bikes is in the manageable range, the ground comes much closer and so the Motorbike Queen’s kneecap is all the more likely to make contact with the tarmac. During this Riding Experience, she can playfully experiment with lean angles and have a lot of fun on the Ohvale MiniGP.

Looking for a last minute gift for Mother’s Day?

With a voucher for a driving experience at the Red Bull Ring, you can always be sure you’ve got the right present! After all, what could be better than gifting an experience to remember?

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