Ohvale MiniGP Experience

Vehicles: Ohvale MiniGP

Tracks: Driving Center

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Ohvale MiniGP Experience

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incl. 20% VAT

Furious little things

Anyone who thinks that Ohvale MiniGP bikes are only for children is mistaken. Even seasoned rides have fun on the minibikes. The faces of the riders when they take off the helmet after the Ohvale MiniGP Experience speak volumes. The track in the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring is ideal for safely pushing the 12-horsepower minibikes to the limit.

You can immediately feel every movement of the bike below you. Compared to big racing bikes, the Ohvale MiniGP has a lower performance, but you are heavier in relation to the bike. This means that you have more control and can enjoy pulling off inclined positions that are much more difficult to achieve on the big bikes.

Our tailor-made packages:

  • Bronze: 20 minutes at the Driving Center
  • Silver: 50 minutes at the Driving Center


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