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WISBI Challenge 2024: Be the fastest racer in a KTM X-Bow

Ready for the ultimate test? In the KTM X-Bow WISBI Challenge, it’s all about your driving skills.

WISBI is an acronym for ‘Wie schnell bin ich?’ (How fast am I?). Participants in this challenge compete to set the fastest lap time in a KTM X-Bow – a vehicle that hovers on the borderline between racing car and motorcycle, between science fact and science fiction.

Believe it or not, the KTM X-Bow is street legal! In the KTM X-Bow WISBI Challenge, you will be competing against other racing enthusiasts in this thoroughbred racer, with margins of as little as hundredths or even thousandths of a second.

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What the Challenge involves:

Upon arriving at the Red Bull Ring Driving Center, you will be kitted out with all the essentials such as racing overalls, balaclava and helmet. When it’s your turn to climb into the cockpit, your instructor will brief you over the radio.

As soon as you fire up the 330-horsepower engine, it will become clear that ‘ready to race’ is more than just a slogan at the Red Bull Ring. To get a feel for the KTM X-Bow and the circuit, you will first be sent out on a warm-up lap. You then have two laps to show how fast you are.

As the KTM X-Bow has no electronic driving aids such as ABS or traction control, it all comes down to your natural ability. What’s more, the KTM X-Bow has no superfluous comforts such as a roof. For you as the driver, this means that your surroundings will feel all the more immediate and everything will seem even faster than it already is.

This is a mega experience that you should absolutely not miss out on.

Participation requirement: Valid Class B driver’s license

Rules of the contest: For us as event organisers, safety is the paramount consideration. Collisions and shortcuts will incur time penalties. The winners of the WISBI Challenge on each day that it is held get the chance to compete for the title of KTM X-WISBI Champion at the grand finale in the autumn.

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