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What’s hot at the Red Bull Ring?

Our range of driving and/or motorcycling experiences is immense. Two wheels or four? Off-road or race track. To help you decide, we present the hottest Driving & Riding Experiences at Spielberg every month.

Austrian Enduro Championship - Points in sights

On 14th May, it will be that time of year again when a field of 100+ riders will face up to the challenge of Area 24 in the context of the Austrian Enduro Championship (Enduro ÖM). As in 2022, the participants run the full gamut, from single trails, steep slopes and high-speed passages to rocky ground. The lap times of the fastest contestants will be around 20 minutes. The different rider classifications ensure that everyone – whether beginner, amateur or pro – will get good value for their registration. Spectators are also in for a real treat: Austria’s best enduro riders, exciting races with spectacular uphill, downhill and cross-country sections as well as a very special atmosphere. Favourites? Predictions? It’s pointless to speculate until the racing actually gets underway. Come and see for yourself – entry for spectators is free of charge.

Further information on the Austrian Enduro Championship (Enduro ÖM)

It’s never too early to get into Enduro

So your kid dreams of becoming the next Manuel Lettenbichler? Then the KTM SX-E 5 is the perfect bike. Whether your child is a very young beginner or already a junior racer, it doesn’t matter. The 7hp electric motor delivers the power evenly and in a controlled manner, making the bike easy to ride. Furthermore, six different settings allow the bike to be perfectly adjusted to the rider’s ability. From walking pace to 70 km/h – the performance differences are enormous. Level 1 is ideal for the very youngest who are taking their first motorised steps. At level 6, your child whizzes around the track as fast as an arrow. This Riding Experience takes place on a specially cordoned-off area of our Off-road Bike Track, which guarantees that your offspring can let off steam without giving you as parents sleepless nights.

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Mission Handgas!

350 hp, sprints from 0 to 100 in 4.4 seconds: pushing the limit in the Porsche 718 Cayman S is an experience in a class of its own. This sports car makes everything easy for you: its mid-engine concept enables almost race-car-like precision and gives you confidence from the first metre. As the little brother of the legendary Porsche 911, it is more lightweight, shorter in length and therefore more agile. In addition, the Porsche 718 Cayman S models can be easily converted to manual operation by specialists from Veigel. This means that even people with paraplegia can accelerate to their heart’s content in the Driving Center and take the Porsche to the limit. A mechanical system transmits the pressure to the accelerator or brake pedal via linkage. To accelerate, you push the lever down, and to brake, you push it forward. The cockpit ambience and the sound from the engine send an unmistakable signal: you are sitting in a real sports car.

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No matter which Driving Experience you choose, none of them will leave you cold. Guaranteed!

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