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What type of DTM fan are you?

Every year, the DTM series attracts thousands of spectators to the Red Bull Ring. Their reasons for attending are as varied as the visitors themselves. What type of DTM fan are you?

The Die-hard Fan

The alarm on your phone goes off. It’s time: tickets for the DTM racing at the Red Bull Ring are online. If a day pass isn’t enough and a weekend ticket is the only option in your eyes, you are a real Die-hard Fan. Thomas Preining, Lucas Auer, Mirko Bortolotti, Ricardo Feller, Sheldon van der Linde – you don’t just know the names of the drivers, you want to find out everything you can about them. That’s why you’ve already saved events like “Meet the Drivers” on the schedule in your Red Bull Ring app. This event will allow you to meet the stars of the racing series and give you the best chance of getting autographs and selfies.

The Tech Geek

Carbon fibre chassis, a V8 engine with 480 hp and a total weight of 1,100 kilos. If your mouth starts watering at the thought of all the technical details of the DTM models, you’re quite clearly a Tech Geek. All year long, you excitedly look forward to the three days in September when the high-tech racing cars will be tearing around the 4.3-kilometer Red Bull Ring. From the Steiermark grandstand, you have the perfect view of the GT3 racers from the six major manufacturers: Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche. The Pitwalk is your personal highlight of the DTM weekend. As soon as the pit lane opens, you’re one of the first to take a look at the vehicles up close.

The Family Guy

Sunday, 13.30. Other families might be taking a pleasant stroll at this time, you’re sitting with your kids in front of the TV. Full of excitement, you are waiting for the moment when the lights go green and the engines burst into life. You wrote the trip to the Red Bull Ring on 22 to 24 September on your family calendar as soon as you bought it at the beginning of the year. That means you’re definitely a Family Guy. You’re already excited about the weekend when you walk through the open paddock with your children and tell them all about DTM. During these three days, you do everything together: waiting in anticipation at the grandstand Start-Ziel, buying souvenirs at the merch shops and topping up your energy levels at the food stands in the Fan Zone.

Girls’ Day Out

Ellen Lohr, Susie Wolff, Sophia Lörsch – throughout DTM history, many women have shown that motorsport is no longer just a man’s game. Because of that, Spielberg often plays host to many annual girls’ trips to watch the DTM. You and your girlfriends spend the race weekend at the campsite so that you can experience the action up close. When the first engines start to roar in the pits, you’re already sitting in the Red Bull grandstand armed with their smartphones. But they’re not just taking a continuous stream of selfies, they’re also listening to the track commentator via the LiveVoice app. A “MUST” is the Service Road Tour, where you and your girlfriends get the kind of access that usually only the race marshals, professional photographers and a select few others do.

No matter what kind of DTM fan you are, an amazing programme on and off the race track awaits you between 22 and 24 September. Tickets are available at

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