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The track is hot: 4WD Test Track

4WD Test Track at the Red Bull Ring

Discover our 4WD Test Track world

Are you an admirer of robust and intrepid vehicles? Maybe you own an off-roader yourself? Then you’ll feel like you’re in paradise on our 4WD Test Track. The ‘Volcano’ section (a variety of ascents and descents), daunting twists and turns in the natural terrain, craggy inclines and ‘Topf’s Staircase’ pose the ultimate challenge for both driver and vehicle.

No matter whether you are an experienced off-road pro or an eager beginner, the 4WD Test Track is the perfect environment in which to fully test the performance of your all-terrain vehicle. The unique blend of adventure and adrenaline rush makes every Driving Experience session on the 4WD Test Track unforgettable.

4WD Test Track fact check

  • The track is adjacent to the Schönberghof Hotel
  • It consists of 18 ‘modules’, including Steinhügel, Kamel-Buckel, Schachner Downhill and Felsauffahrt
  • The track covers a total area of 8,000 square metres
Opening hours & Contact

Choice of vehicles for the 4WD Test Track:

  • INEOS Grenadier
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Eigenen Geländewagen
  • Offroad-Buggy
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Top event in February

Offroad Winter Experience with INEOS Grenadier

The Offroad Winter Experience in one of our INEOS Grenadiers is more than just a country drive – it’s an opportunity to test your own limits and, above all, an unforgettable adventure. Get behind the wheel of the ultimate off-roader – the INEOS Grenadier – and savour the feeling of pure freedom for the next 20 minutes. Interlocking tracks, sloping climbs and descents, undulating surfaces and lots of uphill sections – the INEOS Grenadier masters the obstacles effortlessly, even in wintry driving conditions. Are you ready for off-road fun at the highest level? Then book your Offroad Winter Experience in the INEOS Grenadier now.

Requirements: Driving licence category B.

Offroad Winter Experience with INEOS Grenadier: Dates & Booking

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