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Interview with Max Verstappen: „It’s gonna be interesting”

Max Verstappen talks in our interview about the Dutch fans, his love for schnitzel and his chances of winning at the Red Bull Ring.
Interview with Max Verstappen

The Red Bull Ring turned orange this weekend. Is it more like fun to drive here or is there also some kind of pressure because of the many Dutch fans?

Max Verstappen: Well, I mean there is some desire of the fans, of course, wanting me to win, but to me, here, it’s just great to see all the fans. And I mean, it’s not the first time that there will be so many Dutch fans on the grandstand. So I just try to have a positive weekend and enjoy my time.

How much can you really feel and hear it while you’re driving your car?

Max Verstappen: You see the fans and it motivates me.

You are the most successful driver at the Red Bull Ring. Now you have a new car. Can you continue your series of?

Max Verstappen: Oh yes, I mean, it’s bit early to say. In the past, when you would look at the track layout, it never really should have suited our car. But of course, at that time with the Honda Engine, that helped a bit for us. But still, we were never really that quick on the straight. This year, we are quick on the straight. But in high speed, Mercedes and Ferrari are very fast. And here, you need both. You need to be quick on the straight, but also quick in the corners. It’s gonna be interesting.

This year, there will be a sprint for the first time at the Red Bull Ring.

Max Verstappen: Yeah, we just have to make sure that we nail the setup, going into qualifying, and be on it, basically. But it’s a bit too early to say where we are. But I expect, again, to be a close battle with Ferrari and Mercedes.

What will be the biggest challenge? The tires? The Speed?

Max Verstappen: I think it’s more about to nail the setup on the car within the hectic weekend.

What do you like in Austria? Can you tell us three things?

Max Verstappen: I like the smell in the air. It’s always very fresh in the mountains, you know. And I like the food, in general and I like the Schnitzel. I spent quite a bit of time in Austria by traveling to Italy. And I would always stop in Austria next to the motorway to eat in a specific restaurant. Always the same place, I would start with my dad, and we would have a meal on the way to Italy and then way back. And then in the wintertime, I would go skiing in Austria. I think it’s a great country and a great mentality of people as well. So yeah, there are a lot of things to like. It’s not just the three things. And, of course, for me, now the connection with Red Bull. It’s really like a family.

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