Off-road Buggy Experience

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Off-road Buggy Experience

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Fun off-road

Plunge into a mad adventure - at the Off-road Buggy Experience you’ll fight your way through the rough terrain of our Off-road Car Track. The possibilities over the 550-hectare site are as adventurous and diverse as the terrain itself. Going up and down, you can expect mud, sand, gravel as well as steep ascents and descents – but, above all, a lot of fun and adrenaline kicks. In other words, a full off-road program.

Experience sheer thrills when you go on the off-road track with the 450-kilogram ‘light’ buggies. The powerful engines and flexible chassis provide an exhilarating sense of speed, and best of all - our off-road buggys have space for two. Grab a mate and off you go.

Our tailor-made packages:

  • Bonze: 10 minutes at Off-road Buggy Track
  • Silber: 30 minutes at Off-road Buggy Track
  • Gold: 60 minutes at Off-road Buggy Track
  • Platinum: 90 minutes at Off-road Buggy Track
  • Diamond: 120 minutes at Off-road Buggy Track


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