Youngtimer duel

The NK HARC 82-90 is the ‘youngest’ racing class to be recognised by the HARC (= Historical Automobile Ren Club) in two senses of the word: firstly, the category was only established in 2017, and secondly, the vehicles of choice are the latest-dated cars to qualify as classic (i.e. period 1982 to 1990).

These ‘youngtimers’ are souped-up versions of an average family car from the late 1980s. The Ford Sierra, the Volvo 360, the Alfa 75, the Peugeot 205 and the BMW 325i are prime examples. They are what gives this racing series its special charm. It will make its Red Bull Ring debut in 2024.

The Dutch NK 82-90 championship has set itself the goal of making historic motorsport accessible to everyone. Accordingly, fans can look forward to a diverse line-up of automobile marques on the grid.

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