Are you one of those people who thinks of hibernation with the arrival of winter, or do you instead go looking for the ultimate outdoor experience, even in the cold? Then we have the perfect programme of Driving Experiences for you.

Offroad buggy driving

Our off-road buggies can kick up a serious snow storm, and their four-wheel drive equips them perfectly for adventures in the white stuff. Our small, two-seater off-road buggies are among the top fun machines in the Red Bull Ring fleet. Why is that? Quite simply, when you get behind the wheel of an off-road buggy, it feels like a throwback to your childhood. Try it, and see what we mean!

Book your Off-road Buggy Winter Experience

The ultimate 4×4 package: Offroad buggy plus snowmobile

Book our winter package and enjoy a winter adventure on the perfectly prepared snow surface in the paddock. First you floor the accelerator in an off-road buggy, then you switch from four wheels to two runners: the winter fun continues on one of our snowmobiles.

Prices Off-road Buggy Winter Experience 
Off-road Buggy Winter Experience 1o minutes € 50
Off-road Buggy Winter Experience 3o minutes € 120
Off-road Buggy Winter Experience 6o minutes € 230
Prices Winter Package (combined offer)
20 minutes Off-road Buggy & 15 minutes Snowmobile € 129
15 minutes Off-road Buggy & 25 minutes 4×4 vehicle (INEOS Grenadier or Land Rover Defender) € 129
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