Düse mit dem Schneemobil durch den Schnee


Less is more. In this case: Less grip is more fun. When the snow cover has blanketed the Aichfeld, we bring our snowmobiles out of the garage. In tailor-made packages, you can seek the limit on the 88 hp funmobile and make your personal tracks in the snow. Let the engine roar and curve over the perfectly prepared snow surface in the paddock or through the powder snow in the terrain.

Schneemobil Freisteller
Steered with skids
Snowmobiles are steered by skids; the engine power is transmitted via a chain. The steerable sheet steel skis are used to steer the snowmobile – with assistance from shifting body weight.
Four-stroke engine
Our snowmobiles are equipped with four-stroke engines. To accelerate, a thumb throttle is used like on quads. If the caterpillar blocks, the sled is braked heavily. Caterpillar and ski are equipped with shock absorbers.
Dead man’s switch
Our snowmobiles are equipped with a dead man’s device – a strap that connects the snowmobile and the driver. If this connection is severed because the driver falls off the snowmobile, the engine automatically shuts down.
Choose your driving experience:
The Snowmobile is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 220 kg
Capacity: 449 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 88