Nascar faehrt auf Rennstrecke


This original stock car from the American NASCAR series is probably the wildest bull in the Red Bull Ring‘s stable. Its V8 engine generates an ear-splitting 650 hp and pushes this rear-wheel drive monster forward with immense force. At the Red Bull Ring you have the chance to experience the elemental power of this machine from the passenger seat alongside an experienced professional. An overdose of adrenaline is to be expected.

The dull rumbling, powerful thundering sound of the typical American V8 engine is instrumental in the success of the NASCAR series in the USA – and the deafening noise is sure to captivate you, too.
The cars are rear-wheel drive, high-powered race cars with a tubular frame chassis and thin metal cladding. The engines achieve an output of 650 hp, and power is transmitted conventionally to the rear wheels via a manually shifted unsynchronized four-speed transmission.
Brian Vickers
The chassis is not just any chassis, but that of Brian Vickers. The US American competed in 323 races in the NASCAR Cup Series, taking twelve pole positions and three race wins.
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Weight: 1.700 kg
Capacity: 5.500 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 650