F4 was founded by none other than Austrian motor racing legend Gerhard Berger as a link between karting and top level formula racing. Stars like Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda and Mick Schumacher once collected their first points for their super licenses in this series. Formula 4 has been racing at the Red Bull Ring since 2015 as part of the ADAC GT Masters weekends and now it’s possible for you to drive the super-light and agile single-seater yourself. It provides genuine Formula 1 vibes, where 210 hp only have to propel 570 kg of car.

210 PS
The F4 car may “only” have 210 hp, but at a weight of 570 kilograms it’s one hell of a fast bullet. See for yourself with a Driving Experience.
No electronics
Pure racing is the order of the day with the F4 car. Just like in racing, you have to get the most out of the aerodynamics package. Traction control? ABS? Brake booster? No way! The power steering is the only electronic driving aid.
Sequential Gearbox
The name already gives it away: A sequential transmission shifts step by step. The gears cannot be skipped. Shifting from first to fourth gear – or vice versa – is not possible.
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The Formel 4 is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 570 kg
Capacity: 1.400 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 200
0-100: 3,7 sec