No, mini bikes are definitely not just for children. Adults can also have a blast with the bikes from Italian manufacturer Ohvale in the Driving Center of the Red Bull Ring. Their engine power is manageable, the ground much closer and the knee easier to drag. In a playful way, you can learn to push yourself to the limit and internalise the movement patterns that you will also need on large bikes. By the way – everyone is welcome to take their own mini bike out too!

110 & 160CC
Our portfolio of mini motorcycles ranges from 100 cc bikes with eight horsepower to 160 cc bikes with twelve horsepower.
Automatic & four-speed switchboxes
The Italians rely on automatic transmissions and four-speed manual boxes for the minibikes.
Slick tires
The treadless slicks are specially made for OHVALE.
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The Ohvale MiniGP is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 65 kg
Capacity: 160 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 12
Official Bike of the FIM MiniGP Series