Arrival to the Formula 1 and MotoGP at the Red Bull Ring by bus


Bus Parking Ticket

Early bird rate for 1 day: € 50,- (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)
Early bird rate for 2 days: € 75,- (Friday & Saturday, Friday & Sunday or Saturday & Sunday)
Early bird rate for 3 days: € 100,- (from Friday to Sunday)

On-site rate: € 100,- /p. day (cash only on site)

You must place the slip behind the windshield in a clearly visible position. Please keep in mind that the number of bus parking spaces is limited.

Arrival recommendation
Busses should arrive until 09:00 due to the expected heavy traffic later on! All busses have to use the Knittelfeld West exit (and follow the traffic guidance system from there onward). The bus parking lot is open from 07:00 (parking spaces are assigned on site).

Bus driver information point
Open from Friday to Sunday (07:00 to 19:00). Bus drivers will be provided with information and beverages.

Bus departure on day of the event is possible from 19:00 at the earliest! Please take this into account when planning your arrival and departure.

Bus parking tickets for purchase in advance are available here!