What makes a good motorcyclist? Someone who knows the limit and can anticipate what the bike is about to do. Someone who knows the turns and finds lines. Someone who understands the bike, gives it some slack and does not impose their will on it at all times. Between the different tracks, our instructors will show you what street bikes are all about, as they are a perfect learning and training tool.

The agony of choice
At the Red Bull Ring you can go to the limit with a wide variety of engines and models.
3,3 Secomds
The street bike sprints from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds. See for yourself and book a Riding Experience.
Quickshift enables smooth, clutchless upshifting and downshifting under load. This function adapts to your driving style and responds accordingly. Shifting is quick and crisp when you’re going fast, smooth and buttery when you’re going slow.
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The KTM Street Bike Selection is used on the following tracks:
Weight: 1.390 kg
Capacity: 1.301 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 177
0-100: 3,3 sec