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Anthem of your life: Perform with Hans Zimmer at the Austrian GP

Anna Buchegger, Nathan Trent, Felicia Lu, Lukas Perman, Monika Ballwein and Julian le Play with Martin Grubinger from MyGroove

In recent years, it has become something of a tradition for a well-known composer or artist to perform a new interpretation of the national anthem.

In 2024, thousands of spectators at the Red Bull Ring and an audience of millions watching on TV will be entertained by a new and highly individual arrangement of the anthem when Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and world-famous drummer Martin Grubinger are joined by a massed band of 50 specially selected fans on the home straight of the circuit in front of the starting grid.

If you are passionate about singing or making music, you have the unique opportunity to sing and play your heart out under the gaze of the Formula 1 stars on 30th June, even without any prior professional experience! If you’re interested, download the MyGroove music game app, learn the anthem on an instrument of your choice and apply for a place in this unique ensemble.

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With this anthem, Formula 1 will experience something it has never had before in its long history
Martin Grubinger — Star percussionist

Anyone can do normal

After his performance “Drum the Bull” in 2020, star percussionist Martin Grubinger returns to Spielberg this year and personally orchestrates this very special premiere of the national anthem.

I am a big Formula 1 fan. With this anthem, Formula 1 will experience something it has never had before in its long history!”, the music genius is convinced. “May others have more fireworks and bling-bling – in my opinion, Spielberg always has the best ideas. This is part of it. Of course it’s a crazy idea, but that’s exactly why we’re doing it. Anyone can do normal.”

Perform the premiere of the Austrian national anthem at the Red Bull Ring together with Grubinger, Hans Zimmer and the MyGroove All-Star Band, including Monika Ballwein, Thomas Lang and Julia Hofer. This is your chance – the application process closes on 7th June.

You can find all the relevant information about the Anthem of your Life challenge here (Website in German).

Oscar winner arranges 'Land der Berge'

No less a figure than composer, arranger and Hollywood music producer Hans Zimmer (Dune, The Lion King, Gladiator and Inception) has been tasked with arranging the country’s national anthem for this year’s race.

With my new interpretation, I have tried to honour the Austrian anthem while giving it a new sound. It will be a bit more rock ‘n’ roll, a bit more electronic and a bit more risqué”, said Zimmer.

You can already listen to his band version of “Land der Berge” in the MyGroove app. Visitors and television viewers of the Formula 1 Qatar Airways Großer Preis von Österreich can look forward to the complete work of art at the live premiere on June 30, 2024.  When the application process closes at 12:00 midday on 7th June, the panel of judges headed by Martin Grubinger will select the 50 best applicants to perform live at the F1 race at the Red Bull Ring.

All videos submitted will also be posted in a gallery on the MyGroove website, where viewers can register digital applause for their favourites.

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