Enduro Training with provided KTM Enduro Bike

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Enduro Training with provided KTM Enduro Bike

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incl. 20% VAT

Paradise for the brave

What turns a beginner into a professional? Quite simply - the right technique and plenty of training. Just come along and let our professionals polish your technique. They will tell you why you should always look ahead at the next obstacle when riding. Beginners can learn everything about weight distribution and riding while standing, while advanced riders have the opportunity to perfect their braking and cornering technique with our professionals.

Whether using your own bike or one from our fleet, whether a beginner or an expert, everyone will feel the benefit of our Enduro training. You’ll get a sense of that already at the Off-road Bike Track with its challenging ascents, descents and inclines as well as winding passages. It’s a paradise for daring off-road riders – and anyone who wants to become one.

Our tailor-made packages:

Bronze: Three hours of Enduro training with a provided bike and instructor (without meals)

Silver: One day with a rental KTM motorcycle and instructor (including meals)


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