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Loose ground, instead of boring asphalt: you can master the challenging off-road track on the back of a legendary bike from the freeride series as you feel the raw, unadulterated performance of the two- and four-stroke enduros. The bikes are also light and perfectly balanced. Whether you just like biking in the evenings every now and again or are a real racer - customising the bike ensures that you can leave everyday life behind and enjoy off-road freedom to the fullest. Freeride – ride free.

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Anyone who wants to feel like a racer themselves can choose from a variety of unique driving experiences throughout the year. Our in-house fleet, equipped with F4 cars, Moto2 bikes and NASCAR, will thrill every motorsport enthusiast. People with special needs have the opportunity to drive a Porsche with hand control.


Enduro riding at the Red Bull Ring

Where can you ride enduro to your heart's content in Austria? At the Red Bull Ring, of course! In the forest behind the uphill straight after the Niki Lauda curve there is a paradise for off-road motorcyclists - our Off-road Bike Track! The terrain offers a whole host of ascents and descents, winding corners as well as obstacles of all sizes such as stones, roots and tree trunks.

For enduro newcomers, there is a meadow with a wide track and MX flavour to explore.  Whether you are on wet or dry ground, our Off-road Bike Track is always fun – and with our KTM Enduro Bike Selection we also have the perfect bikes for you. 

Book your off-road experience 

Arrive, change, get on one of our motorcycles and ride away - you can't possibly have a more comfortable experience riding enduros in Austria. Our instructors know the KTM Enduro bikes and the terrain inside out. With the help of their tricks and hints, the adventure will become an unforgettable experience. Speaking of unforgettable, at a Go with your Pro experience, we'll put a world-class driver at your side to act as your personal coach.

The aim of the training is to really increase your performance. It's all about cornering and viewing technique, proper braking and acceleration and perfect turning. Getting the right viewing technique is vital if you want to leave an opponent trailing behind you in the next corner. The secret - your eyes should always be on the exit on the curve and never on the rear wheel of the competitor.

Riding Enduro at the Red Bull Ring - the Off-road Bike Track is the perfect place for an off-road experience with the motorcycle.