We take sustainability seriously

The beverage cups dispensed at the Red Bull Ring belong to a comprehensive reusable cup system, with customers being charged a refundable deposit of €3.00. Customers can reclaim their deposit at any of the cup return stations located at the exits of the Red Bull Ring.

Alternatively, you can return your beverage cup to one of the catering stands and exchange it for a token. This can either be presented next time you purchase a drink or handed in at the return stations to reclaim your deposit.

Deposit refund is a straightforward cashless process involving presentation of your debit, credit or cashless card. If you would like to help a good cause, you can donate the beverage cup or token to Wings for Life at one of the specially signposted receptacles.


Frequently asked questions:

The deposit is three euros.
There are special cup return stations at the exits of the Red Bull Ring. Cups can be exchanged for tokens at any of the catering stands so that you don’t have to carry the cup around with you between drinks.
At the cup return stations located at the site exits.
No, the deposit amount will be credited back to your bank card.