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The Boss GP is like the Premier League of F1 cars. The four-letter acronym BOSS stands for ‘Big Open Single Seater’. Consequently, only the big and powerful formula racing cars of yesteryear qualify for the grid. One of the historical “delicacies” is Gerhard Berger’s Benetton B197 from the 1997 season, which is driven by the German Ulf Ehninger. Marco Ghiotto from Italy sits in an F2 racing car driven by Charles Leclerc. The Viennese Stefan Eisinger-Sewald takes to the slopes with a Ralt Formula 3000 in the famous Rothmans design.

In 2024, the racing series will celebrate its 30th anniversary and will bring the fastest and most exciting vehicles to the Red Bull Ring Classics.

Hard Facts Boss GP:

  • Boss GP Racing Series was inaugurated in 1995
  • Authorized by the FIA ​​as an International Championship
  • Racing takes place in four categories (Boss GP, Open, Formula and Super Lights)
  • The race gets off to a rolling start

Motorsport fans can look forward to action-packed and thunderous motorsport at its best on the weekend of 9th ‑ 11th June at Spielberg.

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BOSS GP class
The Boss GP class is the absolute highlight because “true treasures” from the premier class of motorsport compete here. Formula 1 cars from 1996 onwards are permitted. Last year, Ingo Gerstl took part in the Red Bull Ring Classics in the original Toro Rosso STR1. The STR3, with which Sebastian Vettel took his first victory at the 2008 Italian Grand Prix, was also on the starting grid.
OPEN class
The OPEN class includes IndyCars, ChampCars, prototypes like the Rodin FZED or Lotus T125. Last year, the Austrian team HS Engineering competed in the Red Bull Ring Classics with the Dallara – World Series T12 and the Dallara – World Series T02.
In the closely competitive FORMULA class, vehicles from Formula 2, World Series, A1 GP & Co. compete against each other.
The SUPER LIGHTS class is reserved for Formula 3000 cars built from 2002 and vehicles from the World Series by Renault and Nissan with six-cylinder engines.
Red Bull Ring Classics


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