It’s where every racing career begins. Our four-stroke karts are perfectly maintained and technically cutting edge, while the crew is experienced and professional. From getting to know race flags to practising properly planned and implemented overtaking manoeuvres – everyone has something to learn here. Whether you want the drama of a classic family face-off or corporate race battle or simply the certainty that you have been the fastest of the day, karting is never boring.

Kart Freisteller Fuhrpark Rd Bull Ring
Four-stroke engine
Our karts are equipped with four-stroke engines, which have better torque and power compared to two-stroke engines at the same speed and displacement.
Adjustable seats & pedals
The karts have adjustable seats and pedals, so you can set up your kart the way you need it to be fast.
All-round shoring
Our outdoor karts have a wrap-around design that allows for close racing while helping to avoid the dreaded wheel-to-wheel accident. In addition, they have a sturdy design of the bumpers in the rear, side and front.
Choose your driving experience:
The KTM X-Bow is used on the following tracks:
Kart: Sodi GT5-R
Weight: 135 kg
Capacity: 270 ccm
Power (kw/hp): 9
From the age of twelve and approx. 140cm tall