KTM X-Bow Experience in the Driving Center

Vehicles: KTM X-Bow

Tracks: Driving Center

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KTM X-Bow Experience in the Driving Center

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incl. 20% VAT

One turn after another

You’ll definitely have your hands and legs full here, and we're not even talking about your head yet. Anyone deciding to do the KTM X-Bow Experience at the Driving Center is to embark on a seemingly endless rollercoaster ride with the 790-kilogram roadster. It is one turn after another as the steering wheel is constantly in use. The varied route layout, the different track surfaces, slopes and inclines will challenge you and push you to your limits. In a nutshell – you can’t possibly pack more turns into a specific time. See for yourself and give it a try!

Our tailor-made packages:

  • Silver: Drive a KTM X-Bow yourself for 20 minutes at the Driving Center
  • Gold: Drive a KTM X-Bow yourself for 45 minutes at the Driving Center


  • Welcome & Registration at the Driving Center
  • Driver Briefing: Vehicle and route briefing by our instructors
  • Equipment to rent for the duration of the experience: full-face helmet, balaclava, racing overalls
  • Document
  • Debriefing (with our instructors)


  • Private instructor via radio during the drive
  • Video recording of the trip


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