KTM X-Bow Experience Red Bull Ring - South Track

Vehicles: KTM X-Bow

Tracks: Red Bull Ring - South Track

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KTM X-Bow Experience Red Bull Ring - South Track

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incl. 20% VAT

Short and sweet

Want to feel how 330 horsepower can accelerate, how centrifugal forces work, how it feels to be on the road without a roof speeding around at over 200 km/h on one of the most modern race circuits in the world? If you've always wanted to drive a road-legal race car yourself, the KTM X-Bow Experience is the perfect thing for you.

Different packages ensure tailor-made driving pleasure and the maximum motorsport experience for all those who want to really let it rip. After a short introduction you will be battling against the clock at the Red Bull Ring’s South Track. You will turn right on the South Circuit shortly after the Niki Lauda turn and return to the normal circuit in the area of the T7, the second left turn of the Grand Prix circuit.

The advantage of the shorter circuit is obvious – you can do more laps in the same time and can work precisely on finding an ideal racing line. It’s an entertaining circuit option - perfect for pushing yourself to the limit with the KTM X-Bow. Everyone should try it at least once!

Our tailor-made packages:

  • Bronze: 5 laps on the Red Bull Ring - South Track
  • Silver: 10 laps on the Red Bull Ring - South Track
  • Gold: 20 laps on the Red Bull Ring - South Track


  • Welcome & Registration at the Driving Center
  • Driver Briefing: Vehicle and route briefing by our instructors
  • Equipment rented for the duration of the experience: full-face helmet, balaclava, racing overalls
  • Document
  • Debriefing (with our instructors)

Optional: Video recorded of the drive


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