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Although the extremely dynamic and agile KTM X-Bow is approved for road traffic, it only shows its incredible potential when unleashed on a race track. With 330 horsepower, it goes from 0 to 100 in less than four seconds. It is open, direct and frighteningly fast. The lightweight vehicle comes without a roof, doors or windscreen and gives you the feeling that you are sitting in a formula car. Speed at over 200 km/h over the Red Bull Ring and you will have a thick, fat grin on your face long after you get out of the KTM X-Bow.

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Anyone who wants to feel like a racer themselves can choose from a variety of unique driving experiences throughout the year. Our in-house fleet, equipped with F4 cars, Moto2 bikes and NASCAR, will thrill every motorsport enthusiast. People with special needs have the opportunity to drive a Porsche with hand control.


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The hottest vehicle in the Red Bull Ring fleet is undoubtedly the KTM X-Bow. There are few things in life that are as much fun as riding a KTM X-Bow. The radical roadster with its carbon racing chassis transmits an absolutely exhilarating sense of freedom.  You can barely get any closer to real racing than with the KTM X-Bow Experience.

In the rear, the 330 horsepower Audi engine roars and pushes the 790-kilogram racing car forward. Every move you make on the steering wheel has an immediate impact. There is no roof and no windscreen to protect you from the environment, no brake booster, no car radio, no massage seat. Everything here is direct and unfiltered. It’s radical, hard and fast - a real racing car!

Drive the KTM X-Bow yourself

Anyone who wants to ride a KTM X-Bow themselves is spoilt for choice. Our driving experiences range from race taxis to winter action, from the driving experience to a WISBI Challenge. Whether you just want to get a taste of motorsport with a session at the Driving Center or actually want to push yourself to the limit with a ride on the Red Bull Ring’s South Circuit: after a driving experience with the KTM X-BOW, you are guaranteed to be hooked on motorsport.

330 horsepower and 790 kilos. That's some sheer racing car feeling!