YTCC-car driving in turn 1

Beautiful cars from a magnificent era of motorsport pitted against each other on the racetrack in wheel-to-wheel action that is hard but fair. This is the Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge (or YTCC for short). “The aim is to drive the racing cars as fast as possible and have fun at the same time,” explains YTCC promoter Randall Lawson. “We deliver a good clean fight for every inch of tarmac.”

On the weekend of 7th – 9th June 2024, Spielberg will be hosting a fantastic display of historic motorsport. Fans can look forward to seeing legendary touring cars, sports cars, prototypes and even Le Mans lined up in all their original splendour on the racetrack where they belong instead of in some dusty museum.

Hard Facts Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge:

  • Founded in 1993 by Jan van Duijn and Klaas van Vuure, renamed in 2008 as YTCC
  • Drivers compete in three divisions
  • Race duration: 30 minutes
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