KTM X-Bow Training

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KTM X-Bow Training

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Training for real racers

Riding at the limit under the professional guidance of our expert instructors. The KTM X-Bow Training combines driving pleasure, action and race feeling with safe driving. You can not only learn to get more driving pleasure but enhance your own safety in your car.

Before you start, you will receive a detailed briefing, followed by a focused driving session, where you will get to know the car and train the smooth interaction of the clutch and gear changes, braking and accelerating. In order not to detract from the pure driving experience, the KTM X-Bow has a normal H-gear stick, no brake booster and ultra-sensitive steering. Every input into the vehicle comes from you. Straight and unfiltered. The KTM X-Bow does exactly what you tell it to do.

In KTM X-Bow Training you work specifically on vehicle control, racing line selection and a fluid, smooth driving style. You will therefore become one with the asphalt and experience moments with an extraordinary amount of speed. You really have to experience how precisely and directly these racing cars can be driven when you know what you are doing. Our instructors are experts - and after KTM X-Bow training you will know it too.

The vehicles from our fleet are always double-occupied – but individual bookings are also possible on request and at an additional cost.

Our tailor-made packages:

  • Bronze: Three hours at the Driving Center
  • Silver: Two hours in the Driving Center and a followed by an one-hour "Lead & Follow Session" with our instructors at the Red Bull Ring
  • Gold: Four hours at the Driving Center followed by a two-hour "Lead & Follow Session" with our instructors at the Red Bull Ring


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